Healthy Eating

Eating done right


We know that a healthy mind requires a healthy body – and that growing children need plenty of nutrition! Our kitchen has been awarded five stars for its food hygiene standards and we work hard to provide your children with delicious, nutritious and carefully prepared foods. All meals and snacks are prepared fresh every day and delivered to the nursery and we are able to cater for most dietary preferences and requirements

Fresh, healthy and delicious

All meals at our nursery are prepared fresh and with healthy eating guidelines in mind.

We create new and changing menus each week to encourage the children to experience new meals and to broaden their tastes, choosing foods from all cultural backgrounds.

We incorporate local and seasonal foods to support learning about the food we eat and its provenance, and we provide fresh fruit and water throughout the day as needed.

Social occasions

Our children are encouraged to eat together, to share food, and to learn how to use cutlery and tableware when they are ready. They are also encouraged to make good food choices, by learning how to do activities such as pour a drink for themselves and a friend, feed themselves, share a fruit platter or butter their toast.

Nursery mealtimes are sociable, happy and fun – a chance to share old favourites and discover exciting new tastes, textures and colours at the meal table. We talk about the food, ask questions about it, and stimulate a sense of curiosity and interest in where food comes from – and why it is so important.

Mealtimes for babies

We know that babies thrive on routine and we follow our parents’ home regime as requested.

We can store and prepare expressed milk, and work to your direction. When your little one is ready to be weaned, we can provide advice and guidance and work with you to ensure a consistent experience as they move towards the exciting new world of food!

Special Diets

Where children have special diets, we work with parents to understand what is needed and ensure that we provide it accordingly, in a way that makes your child feel included and confident at mealtimes.